Drama Club OriginalA group of friends are involved in their local youth drama club at a small city theatre. When their leader, the charismatic Mr Beaven, announces he wants to put on a major new play at the end of the summer holidays, the cast is very excited. Amidst rivalry, hopes and disappointments, will there be more drama on or off the stage? And who will get the leading roles?

More about Drama Club

Drama Club is my first book for younger readers (8-12) and is a contemporary story set in a holiday drama club in a city. The club is the children’s lifeline in the holidays and when it is threatened by council cuts, they are determined to save it and put on their best performance yet.

Drama Club was written as an interactive e-book with online publisher Fiction Express. The readers in English-speaking schools in the UK and around the world voted on how the story was to continue each week. A print version is being published by ReadZone and will be available from late June 2014 onwards.